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Health, Safety, Environment, Security Policy Statement

Navic Engineering Limited places paramount importance on industrial harmony and good working relationship with the host communities where we work. As a corporate body, we have therefore evolved policies towards the affairs of the community in which we work as follows:

  • Pay homage to the host Community before the mobilization to site for any job.
  • Maintain good relationships with the host community in which we work at all times.
  • Participate to the best of our ability in their development programs.
  • Respect their culture and tradition by obeying and paying attention to their laws and customs.
  • Evolve and maintain a line of communication with the host community or government even during periods of crisis by using the option of dialogue.
  • Generally carry out our operations in such a way as to minimize any negative impact of our operations on the environment.
  • Offer gainful employment to the youths of our host community, where feasible and appropriate.

Navic Engineering Limited recognizes the paramount importance of the safety of her employees, clients and the general public. The company is committed to conducting all her business and operations in a healthy and safe manner by consistently applying safety practices, rules and guidelines covering all aspects of our operations comply with our clients’ standards and obey all government rules and regulations affecting our business and operations.

As a body of professionals, it is the policy of the company that all services, no matter how small, must be carried out in such a way that the safety of all stakeholders are all duly considered

Navic Engineering Limited places high premium on the health and well-being of its staff and will do all that is reasonable:

  • To protect all employees from hazards and occupational diseases
  • To inform and educate employees and clients about the health hazards inherent in our operations.
  • To provide medical attention and routine medical examination to all staff through referral clinics and First Aid Boxes at designated places.

We at Navic Engineering Limited, recognize the paramount importance of the protection of the environment and it is our policy during the course of carrying our business or operations to conduct the following:

  • The company will strive at all times to ensure that impact on the environment is minimized.
  • Comply with all Government regulations on the protection of the environment;
  • Alert our clients and the general public of any hazard posed by our products and or services on the environment;
  • Maintain at all times a contingency plan to minimize impact on the environment in the event of any accident or incident.

The company will at all times ensure adequate security of its equipment, personnel and facilities using security outfits of proven ability and by inculcating security awareness amongst its staff through appropriate training and encouragement.

We will cooperate with government, security agents, other companies in the neighborhood, our clients, and host community to enhance the security of life and property.

The Personnel Policy of Navic Engineering Limited is based upon the belief that its success is dependent upon its human assets – the employees
It is the policy of Navic Engineering Limited to:

  • Ensure that there is no discrimination in the treatment of all employees, particularly in the matters of age, sex, race, religion and tribal origin.
  • Provide a conducive working environment to all staff.
  • Provide training and development to all staff.
  • Establish and maintain efficient communication lines that will enhance industrial harmony.