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Construction Services

Navic Engineering Limited has taken up construction activities right from its inception as earlier state. And by now has partnered in many construction projects around the Nigeria development sectors. Our construction project involves various aspects from civil to structural. Our constructions are as listed below.

  • Civil Expertise
  • Earth Works, Soil Improvement, Shoring, Sheet Piling and Dewatering, Soil Investigation and Land Surveying
  • Piling & Equipment Foundations
  • Structural Steel works
  • Roofing and Cladding, including Water Proofing and Fire Proofing
  • Painting, Chemical Coating and Lining Works
  • Underground Piping, Drainage and Sewerage Works
  • Building works such as Partition, Ceiling, and Masonry and Plastering Works etc.
  • Building M&E services works (HVAC, Lighting, Lightning and Fire Fighting)
  • Landscaping and Other Civil works such as Road, Fence & Gate