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An ever growing significance in our industrial growth has led to need for a reliable, efficient and responsive logistics service. Importantly, resource companies’ demand experienced logistics support service providers that understand the importance of safety, productivity, efficiency and value. We provide comprehensive integrated supply chain solutions to the onshore and offshore operations for multinationals.

We are experienced in delivering seamless offshore logistics service solutions to a wide range of customers with a strong focus on safety, cost and efficiency. We understand the pressing requirements and demands of the industry and subsequently the importance of a reliable and highly skilled workforce with access to a market leading facility.
We provide:

  • Freight forwarding services
  • Offshore logistic support
  • Onshore logistic and material movement services
  • Waste management solutions

Our clients can draw on our specialist expertise across a diverse range of services as a one-off solution or as an integrated or ‘single point’ project offering. We have the specialist skills and machinery required to manage the movement and storage of customer assets, equipment and consumables.