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Today’s global supply market is becoming an increasingly costly challenge for the procuring, expediting, inspecting and transporting of materials and goods originating from all parts of the world.
We provide our clients with full end to end procurement services, Including:

  • Sourcing / Prequalification / Selection
  • Buying
  • Inspections
  • Logistics (transportation)
  • Materials Management (Receiving / Issuance)

Navic in alliance with its partners, can facilitate this process through its international supply chain network and our management team ensures the management of engineering and quality control issues. Our goal is to find what you need, within scheulde, quality and budget. Our services allow our clients to focus on their business while we will source the market for that ideal product that would meet your demands.

We tailor our sourcing and procurement strategies to the unique needs of each of our customers using strong negotiation, aggressive yet balanced business behavior and devotion to our client. This allows us to achieve superior results for our clients. In other words, YOUR SCHEDULE IS OUR SCHEDULE!

And lastly, we always find that once our clients get to know us, they trust us to deliver. If a problem develops, they know we will report the status within pre-agreed time frames. We communicate with our clients clearly, honestly and on a timely basis.